Face to face. Confrontations with myself. Everything I do doesn’t seem to be good enough for critics. Why should I care about what others have to say ? Why should I worry about how they perceive me as ? They don’t live my life. They don’t go through similar trials as I do. All I […]

Soul Seacher

Door slammed shut. Another misstep. I’m looking for support. But, like always in the wrong place. Maybe it could be in time. My calculations is off. Either way I can’t find myself in a productive situation. I always searched for figures that will help benefit me in a mind and spiritual dimension. I just wish […]

When Terror Falls

New money running through the system. Same old fears running through our souls. Casualties will always come in groups. If you think things will change. Well your probably not from New York City. Everyday I turn on the Television. I hear about bad news. A burning building taking countless lives. Where does the good blessings […]

Always Remember

We are considered lucky. We have much more then our fellow men and women. We have food to eat. We are educated. We have clothing. But, sadly with all the good we possess. We also are stained with greed and have an urge to serve our needs above others. It’s good to know both the […]


Blunt. Mood changers. Doesn’t that seem the be the typical civilian. Where are the thinkers, The compassionate, The smart and reliable people. I don’t speak for myself. I am the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves, those who are broke and those who seek change.