Imports and exports. Why does she have to go so soon ? She tells me its too late to apologize. Its not an I can fix it later situation. She says its for the best. We need a new scenery. We need a clean environment in order to breathe. The breathing will lead to a […]

Heart and Broken.

“Bleeding may sting, but a broken heart is far painful.”

The Truth.

I don’t take money to my heart. But, I see money in songs. Frustration in the world are causes for success. We all try our best to gain. But, this society we live in makes us shy and timid. The environment alone is detrimental. Education doesn’t always educate us. The true hurts.

She Has It All

Your quite a sight of beauty. Everyone in this room has their eye on you. Your fierce walk keeps drumming on my heart. Passion is in the air or maybe its love. I don’t know this feeling, I have inside of me. I can’t depict it to be good or bad. She keep moving her […]

Lady Love

Why are you so perfect ? Your the one that I look for in my dreams. It’s as if you found the door out of my dreams and found me first. I don’t know what to do because I just haven’t come upon someone that has no physical flaws. No I’m not shallow. No way […]