I feel nervous right now. I’m starting to perspire. I just can’t shake this feeling. I’m older. My responsibilities are endless. The next moves I make are crucial. I have to fend for my own. Both my financial and health status is solely up to me, to improve. It seems at times, I don’t have […]

The Good And Bad Points.

Locked out of your heart, I hope not. Yes, we have been through some trials together. Errors were made by the both of us. But, from many trails I’ve learned how to face adversity, by working together with you. I found out I didn’t have to work alone. To my amazement, I found out we […]

A Way Out.

Everytime you feel worthless, you take a sip of whats in that green bottle. Do you think what’s in that bottle, will save you from suffering ? Do you really think its just so easy to drink your problems away ? If you say yes. If you really believe that’s true then you don’t know […]