The heart feels what the eyes can’t see.
I know it’s been a struggle.
You couldn’t find someone that was worth your time.

It’s hard to say this.
It’s been a while.
But I still think about you.
My heart is always where it use to be.
I don’t know how you feel.
But I have to say that I still love you.
It’s been a while.
But I still think about you
My heart is always where is use to be.
I don’t know how you feel.
But I have to say that I still love you.
If it was a perfect world.
I would always find myself back to you and never let you go.

Got no soul.
My ambitions shows you my nature.
Money, cloth and pride.
I feel better then you, because I work ten x time harder then the average.
Mediocre and you sure can complain.
I’m use to keeping my tendencies to myself.
I say this now.
So my thoughts stay with you forever.
I’m not outgoing.
But keep going till your outdated.
Then again. If my words do so much, why do I have to share thoughts with inadequate casualties ?
I feel like I could be somebody.
Then when I really thought about it.
I’m really somebody.
I’m as special as I make myself to be.
I just want to know what life has in store for me.
But the pace needs to be fast foward like Lamborghini Mercy.

Heart so cold that you can’t touch her.
How can you even get close.
I see her cold stares.
It doesn’t intimidate me.
I’m here for the long haul.
Hurt ?
You really dont know me ?
I’m not worried about the emotions.
Give me something to hold on too.
I’m into you.
Your different.
You might be the one.
You might be special.
So special.
Are you ?
It’s all about you.
Add me to the picture.
Talk about perfect.
The best yet.
So get your combo right.

Tell me what you got.
I needed you for a while.
If I stare ?
If I’m interested, just let me explain myself.
I’ve been looking for someone to take serious.
I’ve never been serious before.
You know they say that there’s a first time to everything.
So help me feel complete.

I never get my due credit.
My soul is tested.
I got too much going on to rest.
I’m better.
Just show me your best.
We could have been something.
But you chose your own path.
I guess I let you tagged along to the point where you found your own way.
I don’t know what to tell the sinner who does know they sin.
My heart tells me something and my eyes leak with fear, or is it pain.
I’ll tell you one thing nothing is right.

Is it easy living your life without me ?
I can’t ask you this question myself.
So I’m asking through this song.
This life has ups and downs, surely we go through ours.
I miss u
I’ve been thinking about you
Words barely can express how I truly feel.
Your beauty can be seen inside out.
I believe in you.
I trust your words as if they are promises.

Don’t tell me how to feel.
Your gone far.. far.. away..
I’m not looking for that same bitch any more.
My words are tainted.
My emotions are comming to a boiling point.
Come to think about it.
All you did good.
Was point fingers.
Figured I would be your soul mate and we would live happily.
After all.
Every time I think about you.
I’m disgusted that I gave you time out of my life.

We in a new frontier.
We’re nothing goes right.
You will end up in the wrong Hands that how it should be.
Don’t give me those tears.
I only fear the gatekeeper.
Played my part like I always was meant for greatness.

… play your role.
Like I’m here on tour..
If you can mind your own business.
Don’t expect me to give a ….
You know the deal.
One time thing.
One time fling.
Keep looking at me like I’m the prize..
I’m never be in your possession.
I’m just your obsession.
Say you care.
Say your feeling me vibe.
Say this so that I give you that….

You don’t know
You don’t know the real me.
I myself.

I started and its a shame if I cant finish the way I need too.
Ho heed
my warning it doesn’t get better then the way I do it.
Yea sure he can talk but you can live a way you can’t imagine if you stick with me .
I’ve been the better pick.
You can say not number one but I’m still in the first round.

I got my followers.
But I’m still looking for me disciples.
Disciplined so I know where I’m going.
You don’t fit in my plans.
My dear.
It was a good trip.
But I’m about to make a u turn.
I saw what it was like with you.
So i make a u turn.
On a trip to be the best.
Going off on tangents.
Don’t mean to hurt.
But words do hurt.
Synthetic beats giving life to these lives.
Just question what I do.
I make a difference.
Look at all these faces.

I got none.
My mind is running wild.
Another day.
I wish she would stay.
It seems all too often that she leaves.
I waste the whole day so I can fast foward it to see her.
She’s worth the wait.
I remember when she took the bait.
I loved her ever since.
Day one I made a difference.
Day two I made her mine.
She is special.
She is worth my time, attention and words.

You told me that things will be better.
This world that we live in is devastating my soul.
My heart bleeds.
Seen too much bullshit.
Heartaches chronicle my past.
Too much stores to start now.
Held so much in.
I remember when I wish shit would all end.
No not my entire end.
But the end to the pain,
Disappointment and tears.
Mom wished she would have made a difference.
But her efforts went unnoticed.

Don’t tell me to believe.
The preacher lies.
He told me stories.
That’s what they were stories.
Those stories holds not truth.
I can’t relate.
Living a life of an outsider.
Don’t tell me to believe.
The preacher lies.
I’m here to blaze me own path.

Allah my guiding light.
I need not worry.
He has my back.
Faith in the healing so I’m living.
Life feels good for the first time.
No doors that I can’t h
He reveals all to me.
My conscious state is perfect and I’m all right
Living for the first time.
Seeing things for what they are.

Love me.
Save my soul.
I just want you, you and you only.
You make me feel this way.
I don’t want you to leave.
Stay with me.

You don’t have the key to me soul.
You can’t see what’s going on in my mind.
I keep my words close to my heart.
I only got that.

I wish you could see what’s going on in my head.
I have faith in the healing.
Looking for a legion to follower a believer.
I’m a stress reliever.
Just listen to my words.
I have a lot to say.
But I’m surround by me demons.
Shadowy  figure block my views.

If you only knew.
If you only knew.
What I see through these eyes.
I don’t take bull shit.
You come with your mess.
I’m past that.

I’m tired of playing house.
It doesnt feel right unless we can make this official.
You the only one I want to come home too each and every night.
I know this is right since day one.
No one deserves my words but you.
So i save the best for you.

I’ll save the best for you.
We been through so much.
Why can’t god make it easy ?
But, I’ll do what I have too as long as I have you by myself.

I’ll make you smile even when you don’t feel like you can.

Tell me how to love you.
If I cant love you the way you want me too.
Just show me the right way how to love you.

It’s been a long time comming.
I’ve admired you for a while.
But I feel that we have always been in sync so this feeling was inevitable.

I wouldn’t feel the same if it wasn’t for you.
Your love matches up with mine.
So well.
It’s not too easy but let yourself go, let me take the lead.
This is the beginning and we’re going to take this journey to the very end.
I said I wouldn’t feel the same if it wasn’t for you.
This this thing was have doesn’t fade.
Face it.
Your the best.
I treat you like your an 11.
10 doesn’t detail how prefect you are.
It’s clear to see your the one for me.


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