When Terror Falls

New money running through the system.
Same old fears running through our souls.
Casualties will always come in groups.
If you think things will change.
Well your probably not from New York City.
Everyday I turn on the Television.
I hear about bad news.
A burning building taking countless lives.
Where does the good blessings go for those people that lost their lives.
Then I hear about religious leaders causing harm on individuals in their congregation.
Hope, pray and make a difference is all I can say.

2 thoughts on “When Terror Falls

  1. ‘Hoping’ and ‘praying’ does make a difference 😉

    And some “religious leaders” can “cause harm on individuals” but they are rare, miniscule – but are amplified, magnified, mega-phoned via the “turn on [of] the Television” and array of mass-media. There are countless religious leaders expressing peace and struggle through difficult times all the while condemning mindless violence, every, every, everyday – but that remains criminally unreported – mainly because, it does not ‘sell the papers’ and is boring news to the common man. Consider ‘boycott the mainstream media” on facebook – and strategies to pressure ‘powers-that-be’ to tell the truth, which will likely never be. Better yet to educate ourselves. Love your poems btw – and the goodness in your nature that runs through them, alhamdulillah (Praise be to God).

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