She Has It All

Your quite a sight of beauty. Everyone in this room has their eye on you. Your fierce walk keeps drumming on my heart. Passion is in the air or maybe its love. I don’t know this feeling, I have inside of me. I can’t depict it to be good or bad. She keep moving her […]


I let the tears run free down my cheeks. I let myself cry, because that’s all I can do right now. The friendship I shared with you, use to be strong. I thought we would be friends till the very end. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. It really saddens me, that I […]

You Deserve The Best.

Your one of a kind in my eyes. You can do no wrong from the way I see it. I know there’s good in you. Even when you disagree with me. Good things are suppose to come you. Did ever you hear of the saying ? Only good things happen to good people. Following this […]

Star In My Eyes

Lights, camera, actions. The stage is set and your the main star in this movie. I just play a supporting role. But, I hope I can play my part well. I need to get closer to you. I need to know what it feels like to be near you. I know your the star and […]

Some Say This.

False advertisement. False advertisement. Many people speak of false advertisement. It’s just ashame, what comes out of some people’s mouth isn’t real. No proof or merit can be extracted from their statements. It’s so sad seeing this. I come from a city where respect is highly looked at. I guess honor is just another word […]

Help You Need

In your young life, you faced some difficult challenges a person can imagine too. Tears flowed from your eyes daily for months at a time. It was sad to hear that. But, it was devastating seeing it for myself. I can remember trying to do everything humanly possible, to help change your mood. I stayed […]